Cycles: Opinion

Imagine Being Poor, Cordoned Off Into A Pre-selected Area Of The City Because Of Racist Policies. Growing Up Seeing Your Father, Uncle, Mother, Cousins…Killed, Jailed, Become Drug Addicts.

Not Able To Get Jobs Or Go To College. Teen Pregnancy Is Prevalent And Your Neighborhood Has Been Infiltrated With Cheap Cooked Cocaine. Drug Addiction Is Criminalized And Incarceration Rates Skyrocket.

Yes, Some Make It “Out”, At Least Physically. But Not Everyone Will, Because Not Everyone Comes From The Same Environment, Has The Same Emotional Development, The Same Resources. Not Everyone Realizes Dreams Are Within Their Reach, Maybe Because No One Has Told Them, Yet. Or Maybe They Aren’t Paying Attention Because They Wake Up Hungry Way Too Often.

What Happens When The Boiling Kettle Whistles? People Turn On One Another As A Means Of Survival, Pride, Lack Of Hope, Conditioning. Policing Alone Will Not Solve The Senseless Gun Violence That We See In Cities Like MKE And CHI.

We Must Make A Real Effort To Help Our Neighbors Break These Cycles. We Must Wrap Them With The Services That They Deserve, Because No One Should Be Expected To Thrive In An Environment Where There Is Little Safety Or Equitable Opportunities.

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