Morgan Freeman apologizes, but does he get “it”?

morgan freeman
  Morgan Freeman, from Entertainment Tonight.


The news about Morgan Freeman is disappointing, seeing that this dude played God and all.

When I saw the clips of him in action, knowing the camera was rolling, I recognized his behavior.

Men who do this think that they are giving you some sort of compliment (Freeman says so himself in one of his latest statements). They are letting you know that they’re interested, in something.

But It’s not flattering, it just isn’t. It feels like you’re being sized up like an inanimate object, some THING they want to conquer.

It’s a form of sexual harassment, in the same category as catcalling women who walk down the street and it needs to stop. Keep the lusty thoughts and glances to yourself fellas. As they say, #TimesUp

See video on Entertainment Tonight: Morgan Freeman Scandal Raises Questions About His Comments to Female Reporters in Past ET Interviews

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