The “Loyal” Bear Head Dude

I love videos with good choreography and I stumbled upon the #ChrisBrown video #Loyal and I’m in love with it. I might be in love with Chris and #LilWayne too, maybe (Cougar-ish). Anyway, the choreography is dope, by #FliiStylz from what I hear.

If you’ve watched the video I’m sure you’ve seen the guy grooving in the background with the animated bear head, it’s hilarious. I’ve come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories as to why he was bear-headed out.

  • Was he un-Loyal after the video was shot?
  • Was he a random dude who just got in where he fit in?
  • I would do something like that.

Anyway, it was bothering me so I did some research (yes, I DO have better things to do) here he is, the #BearHeadDude is revealed (hope he’s not wanted):

loyal bear head

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