My Humble Opinion on Beyonce’s Trip to Walmart



I’m conflicted by this. On one hand I applaud Beyonce for being generous and giving everyone 50 big ones! On the other hand I wonder why she didn’t pick another store, where that $50 would probably have gone further, possibly helping someone buy something like food and other necessities…not her CD.

To be fair, it does not appear that she put restrictions on the $50 but the picture of her buying her own CD was a hint toward what she wanted to get out of the visit. And because of the latter I recognize this behavior as Marketing 101.2 (osis).

It’s not a bad idea; actually it’s a really good one. The people that I saw in the pictures who were in that store (I can only go by my perception of the shoppers) did not appear to be low income or in need, maybe some of them were, I wasn’t there.

My question is, if these shoppers did not NEED that $50 to buy – for instance – the only gift their kid may have this holiday, would they be more likely to buy Beyonce’s CD?

#GrateFullOfOpinions, #m_e_nash

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